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A Diet based on plants could be the healthiest if you are careful enough to include all the nutrients, which are available in great quantities for vegan diets.

In a few steps you are going to replace butter, or any animal fat, for olive oil or any other vegetable oil of your choice. I would recommend unrefined oils, such as virgin olive oil.

Cheese could be replaced with many other substitutes, which we will be talking about in this blog. To powder over pasta, for instance, we use a recipe with breadcrumbs that all the family will love.

Meat and fish are eliminated from our diets, and I love the burgers when we have family over. They are delicious and are made with black beans (and other beans). Another good substitute for meats that everyone loves are falafel, which are like croquettes made with chickpea and coriander: yummy!

Milk is something our body doesn’t digest very well once we’re adults. It doesn’t make sense to take it but some people love their porridge with milk but hate it with water, so try almond milk (I cannot stand soya, but it’s another option). Mayonnaise sauce for vegans, and others based on it such as alioli, can easily be made with soya.

Fruits are the best substitute for all of our chocolate bars (although you can find chocolate without milk, for most people they find it not so delightful) and other meringue or cream desserts. But there are many many recipes, which we talk about in this blog, of delicious deserts and cakes for vegans.

Finally, if you try to go fancy visiting all the new vegan restaurants that pop over the cities of the western world it’s going to get very expensive, but buying the ingredients and cooking at home is going to be cheaper to be vegan, since animal products are generally way more expensive than vegetables.

Growing some of your food helps your economy even further and also makes you feel the proudest person on Earth. We offer you huge range of plant based recipes so there’s no excuse to start today!

Happy Eating!

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Updated: Jan 16

Proteins for vegans

When we eat meat, we are eating basically a muscle. Its structure is the same as ours, so it contains all the elements and nutrients that our muscles need.

There’s a myth that says you can’t get enough proteins of plants. That’s simply ridiculous! Yes you can, and I’m going to explain to you why.

A protein is a sequence of amino acids and we call a full protein a sequence that contain all the ideal quantities of essential amino acids.

In order to get the right amount of all of these molecules in your protein intake, just combine legumes, such as lentils, with sesame or sunflower seeds.

There’s a huge range of possibilities here…

You can learn more about essential amino acids, and which plants will provide us with which ones, and then go about and enjoy rich and healthy meals.

This Recipe book will provide you with a huge range of tasty recipes that provide your loved ones with full proteins without having to eat animals.

Enjoy your meal!

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Updated: Jan 16

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Good luck!

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